All hope

Posted: February 19, 2016 in Thoughts

Tonight I learned that some memories have a voice, and sometimes they tend to get very loud.
They talk to you, scream at you and sometimes even cry with you.
Tonight I learned that memories were never really interested in hunting me, they run and run and I keep hunting them, they scream, they cry , and I keep hunting them.
My memories hate me, and they try to keep a safe distance.

My own mind tries to find a way out of my skull,
How can I blame you for leaving?
My heart already escaped the colorless bars of my chest,
Do you want to wait for me to change?

And I am away, away inside this cage of mine,
Inside this hollowness of a mind,
And I am always close, always thriving
but never arriving, never arriving.
Do not fix me,
 Just allow me to sleep,
Do not fix me,
 Just tighten the rope,
And please, oh please, kill the hope,
Kill the hope and break all the mirrors
Maybe I’ll forget that I had a face,
Kill the hope and destroy this mosaic of lies,
Maybe I will disappear with them,
I will disappear with them,
I will disappear.

Oh, memories, they learn to hate us
And they teach us how living in the past is why we are dead,
But my eyes are in the back of my head.


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