Journey Of A Teardrop

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Erotic Nightmares

The Night Was In Rage
The Storm Was Dancing Loudly
She Opened Her Divine Eyes
Sending Eternal Light To The Moonless Skies
She closed Her Eyelids On A Tear
A tear That Was Searching In The Corners Of Her Soul
Trying To Break The Boundaries Of Space And Time
The Teardrop Sailed Down
In Her Eyes Where Only Demons And Beasts Dared

The Whole Universe Stop And Listened To Her Sighs
She Was Naked, Bared And Ideal
Just Like A Goddess
Just Like A Dream
The Pearly Drop Sailed Down Her Cheek To Her Neck
Where Beauty Was Hiding Very Shy
And Little Kisses Of The Dawn Were Smiling
Rolling Down To Her Breast
The Dance Of Eternity Began
They Were Perfect
Just Like A Blooming Fruit In The Middle Of The Spring
Just Like An Apple, The Taste Of Sin
The Drop Danced Around Her Nipples
Discovering The Colors Of The Horizon
Red, Pink, Rose, Dark And Light
All Fought To Build A Wonderful Sight
The Drop Was Drunk!!!
How Can Breasts And Nipples Of A Woman
Make The Sun Blush And The Sky Shy?

The Tear Drop Then Sailed Down To A Desert
Where Space Was Holy And Time Was Still
The Settings Of A Fairy Tale, Her skinWas
The Drop Searched In Every Corner Of That Perfection
Skin So Silky And Soft
The Sweat Is Hot Like Virgin Wine
The Drop Tasted The Juices Of A Fairy Tale
Then  Went Down To Her Triangle Of Love
Between Her Legs,
The Secret Of The Eastern Perfumes
And The Western Spices
The Tear Drop Was Traveling on The Surface
And Teasing The Tasty Skin
Both The Treasures And The Maps Were There
Where Pirates Always Fought
To Find The Secrets Of Eternal Life
This Is Where The Most precious Wine Was Made
Where Aromas Are Mixed With Fruity Tastes
Where Hot Springs Of Waters Were Flowing
The Whole Universe Was Smiling Down There
The Gods Were Watching
The Demons Were Smiling
The Heart Of The Teardrop Was Bouncing
Pulsing hard
Her Triangle Of Love Was Tasty, Aromatic And Perfect
The Tear Drop Went Down To Her Thighs
To Find The Full Amazing Skin Of A Woman
Full Of Lust And Desire
The Drop Was Boiling
The Air Was Thick
The Woman
She Went Down To Her Toes
To Find Some Silence, A Rest 
The Drop Began To Kiss The Corners
And Looked Up At The Maps Of The Secrets
The Woman Opened Her Eyes Again
The Storm Was Calmer
She Knew That The Poet Lost His Mind
She Knew Her Beauty Was Making Him
Shed Teardrops Of Eternity.


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